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Nov 27 2018

The first adventures of Princess Peony: In which she could meet a bear. But doesn't. But she still could. by Nette Hilton and Lucinda Gifford

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Walker Books, 2018. ISBN 9781760650445
(Age: 3-6) Recommended. Themes: Princesses, Play, Imagination. The first adventures of Princess Peony is a positively pink princess book filled with everything royal, even practical tips for carrying out the regal duties. Peony is a princess who lives in a castle (which looks like a house) with her black dragon (dog) TOTTS. She is a sassy girl who likes to be obeyed, however she sometimes finds it difficult to control her royal temper. Peony loves picnics in the park and practising how to act properly.
When Prince Morgan the Troll interrupts her playing in the courtyard, she most impolitely tells him to 'get lost!' The Troll is a tricky character who likes to ignore Peony's instructions preferring to set bear traps instead. There are forays into the forest searching for bears and so many more tricky situations that the princess has to face. Princess Peony even includes a handy reference guide 'The True Princess Information and Quiz Sheet for All Princesses in Waiting.' This lists the essential tools needed: a handkerchief, glittery stickers, a unicorn, a crown, cupcakes and lots of smiles! 'Running a Happy Kingdom is Very Important.'
Nette Hilton's The first adventures of Princess Peony is a delightfully funny picture book perfect for sharing with young princesses and princes. The pink, black and white illustrations provide the visual clues for the young reader to discover the layers in the story. The author encourages imaginative play, creativity and enjoying simple fun in the backyard as they are an important part of early childhood development.
Rhyllis Bignell

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