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Nov 15 2018

Elizabella meets her match by Zoe Norton Lodge and Georgia Norton Lodge

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Walker Books Australia, 2018. ISBN 9781760650544
(Age: 8+) Recommended. 'Elizabella - ten and a quarter - is a Poet, Fixer of Fairytales and the biggest prankster in the history of Bilby Creek Primary. And when her plans involve making a swimming pool in the playground without consulting a single teacher, the students are behind her every step of the way. But what happens when Minnie, an even bigger prankster, shows up? Can Bilby Creek handle them both? And more importantly, can they handle each other?' (Publisher)
Elizabella is a likeable character and will fast become a favourite with the reader. She is cheeky, strong willed, at times full of sass, and throw in the odd naughtiness how could you not love her? I had wonderful memories of Enid Blyton's The naughtiest girl flooding back. I am sure the reader will connect with Elizabella who is kind-hearted with good intentions but at times can make the wrong decision. She can be influenced by those around her causing her self-doubt and a common thread that tends to rear it's head in friendships - jealousy. But who doesn't love a spunky girl who is at times naughty! Elizabella shows us that it is ok to make mistakes and that self-forgiveness is in fact a necessity.
This is the first in a new series that is sure to be a hit. A must have for the library collection - suitable for children aged 8 and up.
Kathryn Schumacher

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