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Feb 08 2010

Tensy Farlow and the Home for Mislaid Children by Jen Storer

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Penguin, 2009 . ISBN 9780670073399
(Ages 10 and up) When Albie Gribble collects a basketful of linen from the front of the hospital, he finds instead an abandoned baby, and his life takes a dramatic turn. Crossing the River Charon, Albie sees a 'skriker' and the lorry he is driving tips into the water. He follows the urging of his guardian angel, saves the orange headed baby from the water and takes her home. Although he loves the orphaned Tensy, she is later taken into The Home for Mislaid Children.
Tensy's adventures begin in earnest when, after having been adopted, she is returned to the home. With attacking ravens, Watchers being ever present, the appearance of angels who may or may not be trusted and a bald headmistress, Tensy's life is certainly never boring and it seems she may have a destiny to fulfil.
Matron Pluckrose and her problems provide a certain amount of humour, as does Mrs Gribble after her death. This serves to balance the evil in the story. A glossary would have made the book simpler for younger children to grasp. This novel is an engaging and well written read for competent readers and would also work well as a read aloud.
Jo Schenkel

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