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Feb 08 2010

Gamers' Quest by George Ivanoff

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Ford Street Publishing, 2009.
(Age 10+) Zyra and Tark are teenage thieves in a world created by the Designers. Everyone in this world struggles and fights to gain enough money to get a 'key', allowing them to escape their reality briefly and become avatars in Designer's Paradise. In their quest they encounter other characters and must figure out if they are to be trusted or defeated. Upon reaching Paradise however, Zyra and Tark discover something is wrong, and that their Suburban avatar existence is flawed. Eventually they are faced with the thought that their world may not be all it seems.
With a fast-paced plot and some interesting twists, this is an enjoyable book, however I did find the language used by the characters of Zyra and Tark somewhat irritating. Students with an interest in gaming and alternate realities will be very excited about this book which has been shortlisted for the 2010 Chronos Awards.
Donella Reed

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