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Feb 02 2010

Why by Lila Prap

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WilkinsFarago, 2003. ISBN 09585571452.
(Ages 3+) A whole book devoted to the question why will have kids and adults enthralled as they ponder the questions asked. Each doulbepage spread asks a question about the animal portrayed, starting with Why do hyenas laugh? And going on to delicious questions about  crying crocodiles, long necked giraffes, pouched kangaroos and maned lions. Each question has many answers; some of which are very funny indeed and will have the listeners and readers grinning with delight. In answer to the question of why camels have humps, for example, some of the responses include, because they didn't sit up straight, to confuse their riders and out of habit, while the real reason is written in full somewhere on the page.
I can imagine children from 3 to 10 getting a thrill out of reading this book, initially with help, but then alone, gaining information as well as fun out of the book. An astute teacher or parent will encourage the reader or class to imagine many other reasons to add to the ones on the page. The drawings add to the fun of the book and the style could be used as a basis for work in the classroom to add some more animals to the book.
Fran Knight

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