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Aug 03 2018

Minecraft: The Crash by Tracey Baptiste

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Century, 2018. ISBN 9781780897776
(Age: Teens) Bianca (the main character) is never one to plan ahead: she, like most people nowadays is 'act now deal with consciences later,' but on top of that she's a bit of a scatterbrain so most of the time it's 'act now have someone else deal with consequences'. When Bianca and her best friend Lonnie are in a car accident that Bianca might have caused she is incapacitated. After gaining full consciousness, she is introduced to a VR version of Minecraft and finds new friends and finding Lonnie in an apparently broken skin while attempting an 'End dimension run'.
This book is the 2nd in a series, and the first one is a good read as well. I will tell you that both books are not related apart from being the first Minecraft series to be sponsored by Mojang and being in the same series. They are part of a Mojang sponsored program to get people of all ages reading.
The whole idea of the 'End dimension run' is Bianca trying to run into her past, to before the car crash happened and it is also seen through flashbacks that Bianca really depends on Lonnie to help her with everything, plus that the car accident is a result of her being a scatter brain. Bianca tries to slip into her past with Lonnie (whose skin is glitching and has her stuck as a villager) but you cannot run into your own past.
Bianca feels guilty about causing the crash and tries to complete Lonnie's plan for the 'End run.' However, thanks to this new VR version of Minecraft you can control your skin with your mind, but it also means your deepest darkest insecurities will spawn mob's most of which will try to kill you. Her guilt about causing the crash and her obsession about completing the 'End-run' manifests into an Enderman with a white scar which is the same as the other car she crashed with. This Enderman will postpone the 'End run' and attempts to stop the 'End run'.
One more thing, the ending is too obvious. I mean a good book hints at a spoiler, but this book does it excessively. So much that ANYONE can guess what it is. This is a HUGE spoiler and that is just not okay!
Dante C. (Student, Year 7)

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