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Jul 27 2018

A funny thing happened to Simon Sidebottom by P. Crumble and Dean Rankine

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Scholastic, 2018. ISBN 9781743810385
(Ages 8-12) Themes: Humour, Choose your own Adventure. A hilariously gross laugh out loud, choose-your-own Adventure. Simon is having a really bad day . . . a really, really, bad day! And thanks to you it's going to become a whole lot worse.
Picture this . . . it's the final day of school holidays and all Simon wants to do is enjoy his last hours of freedom. But . . . Simon's Mum has other plans, which involve shopping for shoes, accompanied by Simon's snotty faced little sister. When you see the words, "Then a funny thing happened", that's your cue to choose which super-embarrassing, mega-crazy adventure will happen to Simon next.
Will he be trapped forever in a sea of sister baby snot?
Be attacked by a cranky cat called Mr. Fluffykins, and end up experiencing mega wedgie pain?
Will he come off second best when he wrestles Tiny the Elephant?
Think gross jokes about bodily functions and dangerous stunts. YOU CHOOSE.
"I laughed so hard I filled my nappy" - Simon's baby sister Snot Face.
"Sorry about all the farting" - Tiny the Elephant.
This is a choose-your-own adventure with quirky fun images and crazy humour. The font used in the book is fun and easy to read. There are some unexpected twists throughout the story.
Donna Isgar

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