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Jul 26 2018

Melowy and the song of the moon by Danielle Star

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Scholastic, 2016. ISBN 9781338151763
(Age: 6-10) The Melowies are a select group of winged horses who are born with a hidden symbol on their wings and a magical power. The 4 ancient islands of Aura are the homes of the Melowies. The Melowies must leave their island homes and attend school at the Castle of Destiny.
In this second book of the series, the 5 Melowies will be part of a musical performance at the school.
This book has themes of friendship, self-confidence and jealousy. Selene has to overcome her fear of failure and is supported by her friends to audition for the role of Moon, explaining the title "Melowy and the song of the moon".
These small novels are about 80 pages long and are packed with intensely coloured illustrations. Maps at the beginning of the novel show all the island realms of Aura and each part of the Castle of Destiny. There is also a fact sheet on the 5 Melowies, which helped me distinguish each Melowy when I was reading the story.
The Melowies have the same friendship issues as middle primary aged students and these books have instant appeal with their bright colours and fantasy Pegasus characters.
The Melowies will appeal to students aged 6-10 years old.
Jane Moore

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