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Jul 25 2018

Fart Monster and Me: The crash landing by Tim Miller and Matt Stanton

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ABC Books, 2018. ISBN 9780733338922
(Age: 6+) Highly recommended. "Fart Monster and Me: The crash landing" is the first book in the new series by the amazing authors Tim Miller and Matt Stanton. These two have come together to write an absolutely hilarious book that will delight all the fart loving readers out there.
Ben Dugan is the main character who lived a pretty normal life until the Fart Monster accidentally crashed into his life. Then the task at hand becomes how to get him back up to planet "Let 'er Rip". They try all the fart inducing food possible but it just does not have the same effect as that of the space cabbage! Ben's Mum and Dad are unable to see Fart Monster so spend the whole book thinking that Ben has eaten something . . . . . and would certainly not believe that there is now a Fart Monster in their house.
This book is funny. It is full of toilet words like fart, butt, gas and explode! All things that will put a smile on the face of anyone reading it. I would say that it is aimed at readers aged 6 and up and as stated by Matt Stanton in the dedication "For any kid who hasn't decided if they like reading yet - this is for you". I totally agree. The line spacing is wonderfully wide, the text is clear and just challenging enough to keep children engaged. Readers who are reluctant or just not interested will be sure to find something in this book to enjoy and work with.
The chapters are all around 6 pages long and include lots of funny illustrations to add to the story.
Overall I would recommend this book and series to readers who enjoy funny stories, like toilet humour and maybe don't really enjoy reading that much - I think this series could help to change that. 5 out of 5 from me!
Lauren Fountain

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