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Jul 10 2018

Game time by Anh Do and Dan McGuiness

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Hot Dog series. Scholastic, 2018, ISBN 9781760279035
(Age: 5-8) Themes: Dogs. Friends. Sportsmanship. Anh Do's popular Hot Dog series returns with another exciting story Game time. Comedian, artist and storyteller Anh Do's story is a tale of being a good friend and is filled with jokes, humourous larks and silly situations.
Kevin's mother is a doctor who lives and works helping sick animals on faraway Rainbow Island. Kevin really misses her, so his friends try to lift his spirits. They cook his favourite foods and even dress up as a donut and hot dog, but nothing works. When they visit the park there's a poster announcing a Game Day competition with the winners receiving a trip to Rainbow Island. The trio work together; they need skill, speed and strength to compete in a series of games and win the first prize. They're up against some tough competition: a fierce team of bulldogs, Team Bulldog; Team Mud-Pie, three mud-loving pigs; and Team Ocean, three sporty penguins. Hot Dog's entered in the Long Jump and Archery, and he spends his time leapfrogging and shooting arrows at apples held by Kevin. Lizzie practises her judo moves on poor Kevin and improves her rowing skills by speedily escaping from a menacing shark. Kev creatively hones his skills in preparation for the Weightlifting, Javelin and Gymnastics.
Finally, it is Game Day, and the three friends are prepared and ready to do their best. Each game is uniquely challenging and provide plenty of spills and thrills. Lizzie twists her giraffe opponent into a knot in the judo and bravely battles a tiny crab to win her event. Kevin, Lizzie and Hot Dog each choose good sportsmanship over winning and these qualities help them in the end.
Just right for young readers, Game time is attractively presented with a flamboyant fluoro orange bright designs, bold accents and engaging text styles and sizes. Dan McGuiness' humorous cartoons showcase Hot Dog and his friends, Kevin the cat's sporty outfits and Lizzie the Lizard's silly antics, sports skills and friendly rivalry.
Rhyllis Bignell

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