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Jul 10 2018

We wear pants by Katie Abey

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Bloomsbury, 2018. ISBN 9781408893609
(Age: 2-6) Recommended. Themes: Clothing. Humour. Katie Abey's We wear pants is an enjoyable and colourful picture book showing a broad range of animals wearing an interesting array of people clothes and shoes. Across a double-page spread we are first invited to view quirky animals wearing a range of pants: giraffe's neck is festooned with 'pant-tastic' undies, crocodile's looking snappy in his nappy, while blue monkey dances in his tartan pants! With speech bubbles filled with questions and comments, text placed up, down and around the quirky carton animals, this is humorous book to explore.
While Aussie kids will question the use of wellies, they'll soon see splashing elephants, a narwhal with a gum boot on its horn, even an octopus wearing eight wellies having a lot of fun. There is one character who chooses to remain an individual throughout, yellow monkey wears something different each time. Abey encourages the reader to find the biggest hat, the tiniest fish and check out the range of diverse hats for different seasons. Colourful coats are fun to wear on the bus, in the rain or sharing a bench with friends. The fun continues with animals wearing shoes, socks, scarves, t-shirts, glasses and pyjamas.
Abey's cartoon animal characters are engaging, follow the characters throughout and observe their antics, especially the cheeky monkey. Share with a young child, discussing the questions, the silly situations and crazy ways these animals wear human clothing. Finally check out their fashion styles when they all get dressed, there's a fire-fighter alligator, a giraffe in multi-coloured scarves and a prancing pony in jeans and a red shirt. We wear pants is entertaining, use Abey's style to create new pictures of animals dressed as humans.
Rhyllis Bignell

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