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Jul 09 2018

George Parker goes global by David Metzenthen

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Allen and Unwin, 2018. ISBN 9781760523466
(Age: 10-14) Recommended. Themes: Travel, Humour, Adventure. Madcap mayhem, hi-jinks and hilarious rescues, treacherous travel and crazy disguises makes "George Parker goes global" a fantastically fun novel for confident readers who like a fast-paced story. David Metzenthen throws everything into the mix and comes up with an international adventure and two unlikely characters whose lives have little in common.
The catalyst for super-nerd George Parker's international adventure begins with a disastrous half-mohawk haircut from Maddylyne the local hairdresser. Back at Tapley Grove Academy super-rich Chase Landon-Bond befriends George and insists they team up to rescue Chase's sister imprisoned in a New York clinic. Luckily, the teens can still travel in their private jets, access funds and enjoy a wealthy lifestyle, well for a while anyway! Things drastically change when Chase's parents go into hiding because they've lost hundreds of millions of dollars of their clients' funds.
George comes from a different background, his parents are scientists who are researching uses for moon rocks in a Swiss laboratory, and they've left George safely behind at school. George's phobias, rigid codes of conduct and eccentricities are tested at every turn. Accompanied by Amy the little dog George rescues, their first destination is New York, and fortunately, they have the use of the Landon-Bond's private jet. Chase relies on George's deductive powers and creativity to release Isobel from the hospital. With touches of philanthropy, some of Chase's family wealth is put to good use, sponsoring two hundred African children.
George's penchant for crazy disguises and his ability to think creatively help the trio travel from New York to London as a part of the cruise ship entertainment. Chased by some rather ineffective criminals, they are pursued to France where they lurch from one dangerous situation to the next. Impossible, impractical, unusual and clever, each scene seems funnier than the last, especially when influenced by George's ever-increasing coffee addiction. Do they find their way home and how will the problems relating to the lack of funds be solved?
David Metzenthen has created a crazy cast of characters in this globe-trotting adventure that is amazingly far-fetched, filled with laugh out loud humour and huge doses of silliness. "George Parker goes Global" also explores issues surrounding the use and misuse of wealth, the acceptance of people's difference and valuing friendships.
Rhyllis Bignell

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