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Jul 06 2018

Emergence by Marita Smith

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Harbour Publishing House, 2018. ISBN 9781922134899
(Age: 12+) Recommended. Themes: Science fiction, Environment. Ariana, Fletcher, and Eli are walkers, people who carry a rare gene which allows them access to the spirit world as well as the ability to talk with animals. In the previous novel they discovered that the earth is under threat of a severe solar storm and they are the only ones who can prevent it.
Sequel to "Convergence", this novel picks up only weeks after the events of the previous novel conclude. Ariana has been taken captive by the MRI to a secure facility in Bulgaria which doubles as a school for convergers (children whose genes have been activated). However the school is just a cover for the MRI's experiments - think "The Hunger Games". Before long Ariana finds herself thrown into an arena in a vicious game of capture the flag where everyone is armed with tasers, and determined to hurt the new kid. Unable to access any of her powers she is absolutely defenceless against the others - all of which are incredibly fit and violent. Ariana only hopes that she can survive long enough for Robyn and the others to rescue her.
Meanwhile things on the farm are tense. Fletcher is furious with himself for unable to reach the spirit realm and desperate to get Ariana back. Eli and the other convergers are happy to sit tight while Kate and Kara try to get the word out of a solar storm brewing. While they're hard at work on their cause Robyn and Catherine are carefully avoiding each other, even working in their lab on a rotation.
Smith's message about environmental awareness still comes across strong in this novel. She blends the spiritual, scientific, and environmental elements together well among a cast of authentic characters. I would recommend for people twelve and up with an interest in science fiction and the environment.
Kayla Gaskell

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