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Jun 19 2018

Our forever love by Kristie Groat-Barber

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Little Steps Publishing, 2017. ISBN 9781925545531
"In my mind and heart that's where you will stay, I promise to love you more every day. This heartfelt tribute follows one little girl's journey to say goodbye to her Poppy while keeping him firmly in her heart."
A gentle tribute to a grandfather who is no longer physically with his family, this is a delightful picturebook explaining that he will always be with them nonetheless. Written in rhyme, there is minimal text, presented in a clean, clear font. Although undoubtedly designed as a read aloud to assist a parent in explaining the reality of death, the language is easily accessible to younger children. The watercolour illustrations are simple, realistic and utilise gentle, pastel type colours. They are sensitive and full of joy, depicting the wonderful relationship shared by the child and grandparent before his death.
This book would be an asset to any young child dealing with the loss of a loved one, particularly a grandparent. Both heaven and prayer are mentioned but the spiritual side would most likely not be a major barrier to those without a Christian background as it is simply referred to, without being overly pedantic.
Both the dedication and image on the final endpapers explain the motivation for the book, as the author is writing to explain the loss of her father and the grandfather of her children.
Jo Schenkel

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