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Jun 19 2018

Crash landing by Robert Muchamore

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Rock Wars Book 4. Hodder Children's Books, 2017. ISBN 9781444914634
(Age: Secondary) "Jay, Summer and Dylan are fresh out of the biggest reality show there is. But they're about to discover what fame and fortune are really about. Jay's brother Theo is young, rich and famous: but is it making him happy? Summer's got to weather her one-star reviews and take her career back into her own hands. And Dylan might soon be seeing the world of show-business from the four walls of a prison cell. They've got everything to play for."
Not having read a single title from amongst the three preceding books in the series, I came to the story without any background knowledge of the various characters. Despite this, it was simple to piece together sufficient information to understand the motivation of most of the characters and I found them to be interesting and engaging. From virtually the first page the book is scattered with drug references, discussion of life in the music industry, reality TV shows, prison life and general aspects of the 'seedy side of life'. Positive, loving relationships between friends and family are, however, present throughout the story too. Loyalty, honesty and ethical issues are investigated and provide an interesting dilemma for various characters. Ultimately, the resolution seemed to be quite satisfying as certain people receive their comeuppance, which seems to have been well deserved.
The cover of this book does state that it is not suitable for younger readers and I would agree with this assessment. With the main characters being sixteen, this title would best be suited to readers in secondary school. Initially, a definite romp, filled with fights and life in prison, the story does have a positive outcome and a message, without being overly didactic. This title would probably hold most appeal to young teens.
Jo Schenkel

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