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Dec 17 2009

The Dragons 1: Camelot by Colin Thompson

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Random House, 2009. ISBN 9781741663815.
Colin Thompson, the author and illustrator of this marvellous book, was born in London on the eighteenth of October in 1942. He has written many books but The Dragons Camelot! was the one that caught my eye.
Camelot is the first book of the series The Dragons. More books in the series will be released in following years.
Camelot tells the 'true' story of the legendary King Arthur and the 'truth' of dragons. King Arthur is a spoilt little brat who wants everything, especially mauve tights, and of course he gets everything. But when Romeo Crick, a boy who cannot be harmed by fire, comes along and an incredible secret is revealed, the whole of Avalon, their country can be saved!
Dragons were a major problem back in those days; blocking drains or killing out whole populations. But when they block the Castle's drains the King has had enough! He sends out four royal messengers to find somebody who is able to slay the dragons. But when Romeo Crick's secret is revealed the humans make peace with the dragons.
Wow! This book was so well written and illustrated I am reading it for a second time! The whole thing with dragons and Kings was simply hilarious! I am just itching to read the second book and I will probably read it more than once as well! I really do bow and take my hat off for Colin Thompson!
Heidi Bigg (student)

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