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Dec 15 2009

Saving Pandas by Dr Carla Litchfield

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Black Dog Books, 2009. ISBN 978 1742031149.
(Ages 6+) Highly recommended. This wonderful production will find a place in every library fuelled by the excitement of the pair of pandas at Adelaide Zoo. The eyes of the baby panda stare out at the reader, inviting them into its world. And what a world: a small place in China, hemmed in by agricultural encroachment on their bamboo forests, the 2500 adults left in the wild spend 12 hours a day eating bamboo. The most astonishing facts about pandas are presented in this little book, penned by Dr Litchfield, the conservation psychologist at Adelaide Zoo. From the tactile cover to the mass of photos covering every page, this book has wide appeal. There is a small glossary and index at the back suited for the younger reader, but just as informative for the older reader augmenting their web search, or as a first port of call.
On each page information is given in large clear print, with important facts presented boldly. The last few pages clarify the role of zoos in helping to protect the pandas, showing clearly what Adelaide Zoo is hoping to achieve. For a clear, informative, well presented book about pandas, then this is a treat. The publisher, black dog books, produce high quality, well researched non fiction books.
Fran Knight

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