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May 29 2018

The Duke of Hinklewinkle by John Phillips

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Big Sky, 2018. ISBN 9781925675153
Bridget lives in the sleepy, seaside town of Hinklewinkle. She spends a lot of time with her Grandpa because her mother often has to work late and her father lives in another town. Grandpa breeds show chickens and Bridget loves to help him out. One day when Bridget is feeling a little lonely, Grandpa decides to let Bridget pick a chicken of her own. Far from picking the most beautiful chicken, she picks a strange looking rooster - a Big Beaked Pencilled Hortner which she names the 'Duke of Hinklewinkle'. The two become inseparable, with the Duke of Hinklewinkle following her like a pet puppy.
Next door lives Mr Borewater who also breeds show chickens and he and Grandpa are bitter rivals, but when Mr Borewater's chickens are under threat, The Duke of Hinklewinkle surprises everyone.
This is a delightful story that is just fun to read. While the theme of chooks in books is not new, this one is full of family love and humour and accompanied by bright, cartoon-like pictures that will attract the reluctant reader immediately. Something to share just for the fun of it - is there a better reason?
Barbara Braxton

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