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Dec 14 2009

Eternal by Cynthia Letich Smith

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Walker, 2009. ISBN 9781406325003.
(Age 15+) Zachary is Miranda's guardian angel but he has a problem - he is in love with her. Instead of letting her die he reveals himself in the forbidden angel form and rescues her, only to have the King of the Mantle of Dracul overpower him and swoop her to off his palace. There Miranda becomes a vampire princess, the life of the party. She is expected not only to drink blood but to occasionally kill anyone who displeases her. Meanwhile, in disgrace, Zachary is given one last chance of eternal redemption, and poses as Miranda's personal assistant, planning the King's Death Day gala. Will he be able to save her soul and rescue the human Bleeders imprisoned in the dungeons?
This is an entertaining romp of a story, told in alternate points of view by Miranda and Zachary. I had quite a few chuckles from the witty language, and enjoyed the passing references to Anne Rice and other vampire books as well as A tale of two cities. What lifts it above some of the other vampire/angel books I have read recently is the fact that Miranda manages to shake off her quiet persona and come into her own by the end of the story, turning into a feisty heroine who makes really hard decisions about her future. Zachary is an appealing fallen hero who also has a hard time coming to grips with what redemption means. Supporting characters are fully formed and lots of fun, especially Harrison, the starchy human personal assistant to the Master and Lucy, Miranda's best friend, who sets up a blog appealing for any information about her disappearance.
Smith's vampire world is well developed, dark and gruesome, and there is plenty of action to delight fans of horror and vampire tales. There is a companion book, Tantalize, and another one, Blessed, to follow.
Pat Pledger

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