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Apr 30 2018

Miss Match: The truth about destiny by Crystal Cestari

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Quercus Children's Books 2018. ISBN 9781784299149
(Age: 10-14) The Truth About Destiny is a haphazard collection of mythology and teenage drama drawn together though the main character's ability to see a person's soul-mate. In a word where magic is commonly accepted, Amber's matchmaking ability adds another layer of complexity to her already complicated adolescent life. I would recommend for girls between the ages of ten and fourteen.
When Amber's arch enemy Ivy arrives at her house asking for help Amber doesn't know what to do. Ivy has never looked so desperate before in her life. She's worried about her sister, Iris, who intends to renounce her legs and join her girlfriend in the sea. Amber uses her gift to see that Iris has found her match, but things are only just starting to get complicated as Iris reveals the witch who will turn her from siren to mermaid, Victoria, a corrupt witch who tried and failed to kill Amber. With the new danger realised, Amber must enlist the help of her mother to ensure that Iris's transformation goes as planned.
Finding your place in the word is always difficult. But more so when you have one foot in the supernatural and another in the mortal world. Amber's ability as a match-maker sets her apart from the crowd, but still it's not enough to fully be part of the supernatural world either. She walks a fine line working in her mother's wiccan shop, a supernatural restaurant catering to all kinds of beings, and a plain old mortal bakery. Going between must be hard, but Amber isn't the only one. Her best friend, Amani, gets visions of the future and they deal with the school siren on a regular basis.
Kayla Gaskell, 22

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