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Apr 19 2018

The new kid! by Tim Cahill

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Tiny Timmy series book 7. Scholastic, 2018. ISBN 9781742993188
(Age: 6-9) Recommended. Themes: Soccer. Teamwork. Friendship.
When the new kid, Ricardo, arrives at school he comes with soccer credentials from the Representative team that means he is a rival for the 'best kid on the team' status. At first it appears to Timmy that Ricardo will not be a team player and will just be trying to claim all the glory for himself. Timmy is not impressed. After an equipment disaster and a team fundraiser, Timmy discovers that Ricardo is not so bad after all. Being new can sometimes just be very difficult, and talking to one another can often clear up any misunderstandings.
With quirky cartoon illustrations (including action flip pictures in the corner), this will be enjoyed by young sports lovers who have transitioned to chapter books. The social dilemmas of young team mates have an added spark of humour laced through the important life lessons.
Carolyn Hull

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