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Dec 02 2009

The billionaire's curse by Richard Newsome

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Text Publishing. ISBN 9781921520570.
(Age 10+) Recommended. A rollicking whodunit with Gerald Wilkins as the hero. His English great aunt, whom he has never met is dead and has left Gerald twenty billion pounds! He and his parents travel in a private jet to England where, following the funeral, his mother and father conveniently go holidaying in his great aunt's private jet while Gerald is caught up in the mystery of the theft of the world's most valuable diamond. With his new friends Ruby and Sam whom he met at the British Museum, a fascinating search for the diamond ensues. Gerald and the twins follow the mystery through an unused train station, an unusual old bookshop, to a tower of a ruined church and finally to the crypt at Avonleigh. There awaits the priceless diamond protected by deadly booby traps!
The story envelopes the reader who joins in the search for the villain. It's an exciting and entertaining read. The font enables the reader to read easily and quickly.
Sue Nosworthy

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