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Mar 08 2018

Rabbit Rescue by Cosentino, Jack Heath

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The Mysterious World of Cosentino series. Ill. by James Hart. Scholastic, 2018. ISBN 9781742765433
(Age: 6-8) Themes: Magic, Humour. Cosentino, the Grand Illusionist returns in another exciting whirlwind story, filled with magic, illusions, rabbit rescues and daring escapes. Cos the magician at Copperpot Theatre, his friends Locki the padlock, Snuggles his rabbit and Professor Camouflage master of disguises are always ready for a new adventure. When Cos calls Matchman up to the stage he's unimpressed by Cos and his Nonna's magic routines, a watermelon sliced by a chainsaw and a trick sword pushed through the magicians heart. Matchman's revenge involves setting the theatre on fire and Cosentino's skills are needed to save the audience and escape from the flames.
Meanwhile at royal zoo, the evil two-headed Kings has locked up nearly all the Magicland rabbits ready for a special feast featuring rolled roast rabbit on the menu. Snuggles Cos's rabbit friend who lives in his hat, asks the illusionist and his friends to help rescue all his furry friends. The king had banned magic in Coppertown and relocated all of the rabbits to Warren.
Cosentino and his friends conjure up a special plan involving a disguise, secret tunnels and tricks to sneak into the zoo and release the rabbits.
Rabbit Rescue by Cosentino and Jack Heath is an easy to read graphic novel filled with fun dialogue, colourful text, bold words and colourful cartoons, bursting with splashes of orange. Four foam balls are included with tips on magic tricks as well.
Rhyllis Bignell

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