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Dec 02 2009

Daniel X: Watch the skies by James Patterson

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Doubleday, 2009.
(Age early secondary) Recommended. This is the second in the series and those followers of the first one will want to read this. Daniel, a teenage alien hunter, continues the search for the TV tyrant who is determined to destroy the planet. This is a fast moving action packed thriller which has an ever twisting series of technological events, akin to a television series. Daniel and his family plot to overcome the villain in an original and fascinating way. Daniel says 'I began by doing what any highly disciplined military commander would do on the eve of battle - I ate a four course meal' p180.Sounds like an adolescent to me! The novel obviously leads to the next book so the end is not as satisfying as it might be. But the followers will be waiting for the next in the series.
Sue Nosworthy

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