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Dec 01 2009

Sarindi and the Lucky Buddha by Janine Fraser

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HarperCollins, 2009. ISBN: 9780732287757.
(Ages 8-10) Highly recommended. Living in Indonesia, Sarindi believes he has all the luck he could possibly need, especially when he wins Jaya's lucky marble. With his loving, happy family, an income thorough his father's hard work driving the becak which his mother has 'made good as new' and the lucky bird, Sarindi wants for nothing until his luck seems to change and his mother becomes ill. Thus begins his search for a new kind of luck to restore her to good health. As Sarindi goes to make his prayers in the Hindu, Christian, Muslim and Buddhist places of worship, he continues to show courage and love and have faith that his mother's health will be restored.
Janine Fraser has created a lyrical and moving tale, perfectly supported by Elise Hurst's delightful illustrations. Sarindi and his parents are a genuine, down to earth family one would love to meet and spend time getting to know. This novel would be a great resource in a classroom unit on Indonesian culture, as an introduction to comparative religions and an example of resilience and family relationships. A highly recommended read!
Jo Schenkel

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