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Feb 28 2018

Little lunch: triple the games by Danny Katz

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Ill. by Mitch Vane. Black Dog Books, 2018. ISBN 9781760650278
(Age: 8+) Highly recommended. Themes: Friendship, School, Playground. Another series of stories from the very popular TV series, Little Lunch, will find even more friends as children pick it up in school libraries. Funny illustrations litter the pages as the children, Rory and Tamara find that fifteen minutes is enough to get into all sorts of trouble. In the first chapter, 'Walkathon', Tamara wants to find a walking buddy for the upcoming walkathon, and holds interviews with the applicants during recess. The second chapter, 'The election', Rory decides he wants to be Australia's next prime minister, while the third chapter, entitled, 'The girls' toilets', has the class practising for the school talent show.
Each chapter is short and pithy, funny and illustrated, just long enough for readers to read during recess, and exciting enough for them to make sure they finish the episode by the time the siren goes. Children will love to read of the antics of this group of school kids, and what they get up to and revel in the similarities with their own escapades and daily routines.
With the popularity of the TV series, this new book will find a host of fans.
Fran Knight

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