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Feb 05 2018

Kira dreaming by Belinda Murrell

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Pippa's Island series. Random House, 2018. ISBN 9780143783701
(Age: 10+) Recommended. Themes: Humour, Talent quest, Friendship. The beach side cafe is the first in a sparkling series for mid to upper primary school girls, Pippa's Island. The main character Pippa and her family have arrived from England, and have taken up residence in a caravan at the back of her grandparent's place at Palm Cove. All the problems of making new friends is behind the first in the series as Pippa develops a group: Meg, Charlie, and Cici. Single mum must now make a living and has an idea of turning an old beach shack into a cafe, with an upstairs to live in. Pippa's story continues with number two in the series: Cub reporter, and the third in the series, Kira Dreaming has the girls preparing for a talent quest run by Cove Public School, Pippa's excited trio of friends prepare their dance and song but Pippa is unsure of performing and a strong case of butterflies holds her back when the time comes to audition in front of the whole school.
All the while the beach shack cafe is doing well until the girls decide to paint the upstairs to further the day when Pippa and her family can move in. But someone is causing havoc at the cafe and it is up to Pippa to investigate.
The stories move along easily, with incidents that all girls can relate to, involving friends and family. Mum's need to make a living has the family working together, while the grandparents play an important role in caring for the siblings, a circumstance many will recognise. Told with humour against the background of living on an island off the coast of Australia, the series will have wide appeal.
Fran Knight

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