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Feb 01 2018

Dark in death by J.D. Robb

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In death, book 46. Piatkus, 2018. ISBN 9780349417868
(Age: Adult) Mystery. Eve Dallas is called in to investigate the killing of a woman in a cinema while watching Psycho. An ice-pick had been sunk into the back of her neck by the murderer who then disappeared. As Eve puts together the clues to this murder, new evidence comes to light: an author comes into the station claiming that the murder was based on one of her police mysteries and from there on Eve knows that there will be further murders as the author has written a number of books in her series. Further investigation turns up another murder that resembled one of her plots and Eve knows that she has a serial killer on her hands.
Fans of the In death series will not be disappointed. This is an easy to read and engrossing mystery and Robb's narrative as always keeps the interest of the reader. The murderer is not at all obvious and the plot twists through a series of events and theories as Eve puts all her intellect and good solid police work to find out who is behind the bizarre killings. On the way, there is much fascinating information about police procedures as well as how a best-selling novelist handles the demands of her fans, which certainly has a ring of truth to it.
The continuing relationship between Roarke and Eve will please romance lovers. Fans are sure to want to pick up the next in the series as each of Robb's plots are certainly different and unique, at the same time keeping the familiar and very likeable main characters of Eve, Roarke, Peabody, Mira and Nadine.
Pat Pledger

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