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Jan 09 2018

Forever Horatio: An actor's life by Edmund Pegge

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Wakefield Press, 2017. ISBN 9781743054987
(Age: Adult) Despite obviously having leading man potential, Edmund Pegge found a career for himself in being a supporting actor - "forever Horatio, never Hamlet". However that career has been very fulfilling and it was rare for him to be out of work. Forever Horatio is Pegge's chronicle of all the amazing experiences, and the interesting people and places he has been fortunate to enjoy. Not everyone has to be the star - as Dame Judi Dench comments "Where would the rest of us be without him?" Someone has to play the other roles, and Pegge has clearly had a wonderful time in theatre, in film, and in working with school students. Now he adds author to his list of achievements. The book provides insight into behind the scenes preparation, little anecdotes about famous actors and directors, and much Aussie style self-deprecating humour.
Helen Eddy

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