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Jan 03 2018

Peter Pan and Wendy by James Barrie

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Ill. by Robert Ingpen. Walker Books, 2017. ISBN 9781760650254
Over a century ago James Barrie wrote a story about a boy who could fly and who never grew up; who had adventures on an island called Neverland and introduced us to characters like Wendy, Tinkerbell, Captain Hook and the croc with the clock!
Since then it has become a classic, republished many times, made into a stage play and movies and now it has been reworked into an abridged version superbly illustrated by Robert Ingpen so that another generation can delight in it.
With its modern language and stunning pictures, new life is breathed into Barrie's words making it the perfect bedtime read-aloud story to introduce young children to the original tale, or the be read alone by the newly independent reader, and is a must for both the library's collection and the Santa Sack. Given her grandfather is named Barrie after this author because of the impact of the story on his parents, I know just whose tree this will be under.
Barbara Braxton

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