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Dec 19 2017

Ula's magic island by Di Morrissey

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Harbour Publishing House, 2017. ISBN 9781922134059
(Age: 3+) Highly recommended. Ula's magic island is a beautiful story of imagination and magic. Ula has an amazing imagination and keeps herself busy daydreaming about being a queen, a trapeze artist and a princess. However, she also loves adventures and is always out and about, sliding down hills and looking for fish. One afternoon, she saw a magical island in the middle of the lake and despite being not allowed to go on the lake, heads over to it. A storm creates huge waves and Ula ends up in the water. When she awakes, Ula is on a magical island. She spends the day exploring the fruit salad trees and the spaghetti forest. She dresses up in the fancy clothes and does a hula with the animals. Ula is offered a wish by a friendly bird name Ambrose. What will she wish for? What does Ula want more - a room full of toys or to be home with her family?
Readers of Ula's magic island will not be able to take their eyes from the illustrations. The details in Ula's eyes draw you in; her emotions and her excitement in the amazing facial expressions are beautiful. Young readers will have so much to talk about as they explore the magical island with Ula and will be encouraged to use their own imagination as they discuss the wish they would make.
This story is highly recommended for readers aged 3+ when reading with a parent and for more independent readers aged 7+.
Kylie Kempster

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