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Nov 23 2009

Father Christmas needs a wee by Nicholas Allan

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Red Fox, 2009.
(Ages 2+) Highly Recommended. Poor Father Christmas is in extremis after imbibing too many festive treats while delivering presents. At each of the ten houses he visits there are delicious drinks on offer and after hot chocolate, tea, fruit punch, lemon and lime and milk shakes I should think he will soon be reaching for the Gaviscon! Finally as he arrives at house number ten it is an urgent need to do a wee that is most pressing. So Father Christmas has to deliver his presents at top speed and race home with his sleigh. However, more trouble awaits as his door key is missing. Fortunately one of his elves comes to the rescue and Father Christmas makes it to the bathroom just in time.
This is a Christmas cracker of a counting book and the delightful story will be a winner with the many small children fascinated by bodily functions. Look out for Allan's masterly depiction of Father Christmas as he crosses his legs in anxious desperation, and his expression of blissful relief when he finally arrives home. The adults who share this will enjoy it just as much as the children. Fantastic festive fun!
Claire Larson.

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