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Dec 12 2017

Ultimate Lego Star Wars

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DK, 2017. ISBN 9780241288443
(Ages: 8+) In 1999 the first LEGO Star Wars sets were released and since then the collaboration has continued to grow. This is a definitive, unrivalled encyclopaedic guide to every LEGO Star Wars minifigure or set ever produced. Each of the three main sections (characters and creatures; locations and vehicles and equipment) are comprehensive visual galleries. It shows their evolution from the very first creations to what technology allows the LEGO designers to create today. Even non-fanatics will be interested in seeing the progression from the old yellow mini-figures with minimal detail to the intricate figures with personalised facial details available today. While there is only one version of many of the figures and models, some have up to a dozen variants. The text accompanying the photographs of each model includes a little information about the Star Wars character itself, but is mostly committed to the actual design and differences between the variants. There are even some quotes from a LEGO designer scattered throughout the book for some added insight. All the important information is included for both serious LEGO fans (year, set number) and serious Star Wars fans (mini-figure homeworld and affiliation, vehicle and equipment type and model, location sector and system, etc.). There is a lot of information here, but large visuals, easy to read text and labelled pictures make it accessible even for a young audience. This is really for the most serious LEGO Star Wars fans and collectors but is fascinating even for those who aren't.
Nicole Nelson

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