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Dec 08 2017

Year One by Nora Roberts

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Chronicles of The One book 1. Piatkus, 2017. ISBN 9780349414942
(Age: Adult - 16+) Dystopian fiction. Pandemics. A deadly pandemic sweeps through the world, leaving devastation in its trail. Billions die and amongst those who are left rise people with magical abilities. Lana, a New York chef, can move things around, Fred can bring up light, Jonah a paramedic can tell the future of those he touches and Katie has just had twins who may have a touch of magic. Together this group flees New York in search of a safe haven.
I am a fan of Nora Roberts and will happily read anything that she writes. In Year One she tackles a dystopian future, where an avian flu pandemic has swept the world. Her description of the spread of this deadly disease seems all too real and she sweeps the reader along as she introduced her main characters and their fight to leave New York before the authorities grab them for their strange abilities. I have read many books with dystopian futures and I really enjoyed the first section of Year One. However I found the mixture of witchcraft and realism disconcerting, as if Roberts had started off with the science fiction premise of a world gone wrong and then takes on the fantasy aspect of magic, fairies and elves, which stuck a slightly discordant note.
There are a lot of characters to remember in Year One, and I was very invested in their survival. I was surprised in the later part of the book when Roberts concentrated on just one part of the story and left me wondering what had happened to the other main protagonists, but undoubtedly they will reappear in future stories. Readers looking for a big dose of romance in this story will be disappointed, although there are strong relationships and people that you care about.
I will definitely pick up the next in the series and with so many main characters already introduced can see quite a few books to come!
Pat Pledger

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