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Dec 07 2017

This mortal coil by Emily Suvada

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Penguin 2017. ISBN 9780141379272
(Age: 12+) Highly recommended. When the plague breaks out and all hell breaks loose Cat thinks she is safe enough living with her father, a genius gene-hacker, and his assistant, Dex. But everything changes when Cartaxus, the organisation responsible for messing up her father's Influenza X cure, comes to take them both away. Cat knows that it is important she remains hidden, otherwise Cartaxus might use her against them. Little does she know, that is not the only reason. When Lachlan dies, he sends a blackout agent to Cat to protect her along with the message that she holds the cure for the dreaded virus, Hydra, which has been turning people into mindless zombies and forcing the Wrath down on those who have continued to live above-ground. With the arrival of Cole, Cat is soon to learn she is much more important then simply being Lachlan Agatta's daughter or the Skies best hacker. She is the cure and the only hope for the survival of the human race. But can she stay out of Cartaxus' hands long enough to spread the cure and redeem her father's legacy?
Emily Suvada's This mortal coil is a thrilling young action fiction which will glue you to your seat. Having completely exceeded my expectations I would highly recommend this for people aged twelve and up. A dazzling novel about gene hacking, this apocalyptic techno-dystopia hits all of the tropes, while keeping the love interests understated, allowing Cat's strong female character to shine.
Kayla Gaskell, 21

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