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Dec 06 2017

My humans by Anita Green

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Ill. by Michelle Ferguson. Little Steps Publishing, 2017. ISBN 9781925545326
(Age: 4-6) Animals, Perception, Dogs. A story of the place a beloved dog has within the family is told from the dog's perspective, as he tells us about his family, those people who selected him from the dog rescue home and took him to the vet and took him home to be part of their family. Each person within the family plays different roles with the dog, Mum feeds and bathes him, the youngest child, Harry snuggles into him, Millie takes him for walks and dresses him up, Dad lets him in at night and sometimes lets him sleep on the couch.
Through the story and illustrations we see the things the dog does within the household and what part the dog plays with the family, reinforcing the responsibilities that dog ownership entails. For younger readers this is an informative look at the role a dog has within a family and the love between the family and the dog. Many of the illustrations show the dog eating food that perhaps he shouldn't be eating, giving children a further valuable lesson in dog ownership.
Fran Knight

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