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Nov 28 2017

Max Booth future sleuth: Selfie search by Cameron Macintosh

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Ill. by Dave Atze. Big Sky Publishing, 2017. ISBN 9781925520880
(Age: Yr 3 - Yr 6) It's 2424 and Max, an orphan, lives illegally in a museum storeroom with his robot dog, Oscar. His friend Jessie is the museum's storeroom supervisor and together they try to solve ancient historical mysteries such as the discovery of what turns out to be a mobile phone.
Fortunately, they discover a group of selfie photos that help to solve an old mystery about a missing statue. There is a 7 million dollar reward for its discovery but will they get there first?
It is fun to think that today's modern technology will be tomorrow's ancient artefact. There is also factual information about the mobile phone at the back of the book. This is the second book in this series with the first novel focussing on a cassette tape. I think these novels would be great to use with a class when discussing historical artefacts.
This is an easy to read book that has lots of adventure and action. I enjoyed the descriptions of Max's modern world and the fun the author had with the statue's character, the major, Nicole Squidman - a famous actor who won lots of awards.
Author Cameron MacIntosh's background is in educational texts and he has written over 80 books.
The larger text and cartoon style illustrations will appeal to young, independent readers in years 3 to 6.
Jane Moore

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