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Nov 27 2017

Silly Lily and the flower girl adventure by Jedda Robaard

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Five Mile Press, 2017. ISBN 9781760405618
(Ages: 2 - 5) Recommended. Board Picture Book. Silly Lily is about 4 years old, and we are told on the first page that she is creative, resourceful and can get into a lot of trouble. A gorgeous little girl in fact, she has been invited to be flower girl at a wedding. She sets off in a van with her family and their equally resourceful and troublesome dog, Westley.
Lily is into everything as her initial excitement turns to curiosity and boredom with the grown-ups making their wedding preparations. Quite unfazed and self-possessed though, her explorations come to a close as she takes a nap and nearly misses the wedding altogether.
This is a lovely little tale, especially for a young one about to embark on such an exciting project herself. It is delightfully illustrated; Westley being his mischievous doggy self in the periphery of every page.
In true Enid Blyton style, Lily's parents don't play much of a role in orchestrating her activities for the day. It appears she dresses herself entirely, wakes herself from her nap in the nick of time and rushes off to undertake official duties at the ceremony complete with gorgeous pink outfit, bouquet and nuisance dog. Westley takes a dip in the sea (beach wedding) and shakes himself all over the guests' wedding finery.
Cake, music, dancing and sweets cap off a great day for Lily.
Just loved it!
Elizabeth Avery

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