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Nov 13 2009

Blackthorn's betrayal by Elizabeth Pulford

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Walker Books, 2009. ISBN 9781921529030.
(Ages 9-12) In this sequel to Blackthorn, the reader follows Blackthorn on a quest to become a Trahern warrior. A stranger, Esil, has arrived in the forest requesting that Blackthorn find his daughter Freya, who has been abducted as a baby by the Doane. On a promise that a successful mission will finally seeing her win her coveted goal of becoming a warrior, Blackthorn sets out on her dangerous travels deep into enemy country. Freya's sister, Sepha, accompanies her and they plunge into a perilous journey, surviving traps, freezing conditions and saving an abandoned baby boy on the way to Blackthorn's ultimate betrayal.
This is a thoughtful adventure story with a feisty heroine, who learns much from her mistakes and about herself on her quest. The characters are well drawn and memorable. The moral dilemma of where do you belong, with the family that has brought you up or with your blood relations, is a tantalising one and handled very well by Pulford.
I was drawn into the chilly, heavily forested world that Blackthorn inhabits and intrigued by the warring tribes. The book had the feel of both a fantasy and a historical novel and should appeal to readers who enjoy both of these genres.
Pat Pledger

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