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Nov 13 2009

Nanny Piggins and the wicked plan by R.A. Spratt

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Random House, 2009. ISBN 9781741663174.
(Ages 8-10) Highly recommended. This second book is as amusing as the first, The adventures of Nanny Piggins, and with as many outrageous situations. Mr Green has wedding plans in mind, but the canny Nanny Piggins is unstoppable in her determination to ruin his prospects. The children, Samantha, Michael and Derrick are horrified at the thought of losing their nanny. Nanny Piggins, the children and Nanny Piggins' bear brother Boris have a series of hilarious and unbelievable adventures always involving chocolate. What with a challenge from an armadillo to be blasted from a cannon over Dead Man's Gorge, breaking into a maximum prison and fighting a Gypsy Queen who wants to marry Mr Green, it's a roller coaster ride for them all, including the reader! It's refreshing to see a story written in a zany, fun way with almost ridiculous plots, yet most enjoyable and superbly entertaining.
Sue Nosworthy

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