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Nov 03 2017

A very quacky Christmas by Frances Watts and Ann James

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ABC Books, 2017. ISBN 9780733329623
(Age: 2-5) Highly recommended. Themes: Christmas, Sharing, Perseverance. Samantha Duck is singing her favourite song, We wish you a quacky Christmas as she gets ready for Christmas. She believes that animals love to share and she wants to give presents to animals all over the world. Sebastian the tortoise is not so optimistic. He believes that it cannot be done, and says "Christmas is not for animals," but Samantha is determined because for her "Christmas is about giving and sharing". When they approach their farmyard friends for help all the animals decide that Christmas is for them. The sheep donate their wool for Samantha and Sebastian to knit socks and scarves, the hens donate their eggs for the pair to make cupcakes, the cows the daisies in the field for daisy chains and then they wrap everything in brightly coloured paper. The donkey shares his cart so that the friends can deliver their presents all over the world. With determination and a final belief that Christmas is for animals from Sebastian, the pair soar into the air, delivering their presents all over the world.
This is a joyous picture book that is destined to become a Christmas favourite. I found myself humming along to Samantha's We wish you a quacky Christmas for hours after reading the story and kept the images of the Samantha and Sebastian dancing to the song in my head, making me feel happy at the thought of sharing and giving at Christmas. Children will delight in the gorgeous illustrations of the friends as they make their presents and soar across the sky and will easily follow the themes of perseverance and generosity that permeate the story.
A very quacky Christmas is a keeper and one for all libraries, homes and classrooms.
Pat Pledger

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