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Nov 03 2017

Marvin and Marigold: A Christmas surprise by Mark Carthew

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Ill. by Simon Prescott. New Frontier Publishing, 2017. ISBN 9781925059991
(Age: 4-7) Themes: Christmas trees. Friendship. It is the 1st of December and Marigold finds a large box on her doorstep. When she carries it inside branches and decorations fall out and she knows that it is a Christmas tree. It is from her mother, who tells her in the accompanying letter that the box contains things that are treasured and have been put on the Christmas tree by the family every year. It now belongs to Marigold who can't wait to tell her friend Marvin about it and together they share the joy of unpacking the baubles and decorating the tree. Tired, at last they enjoy some biscuits and cheese as they admire their work.
This is a joyful story of friendship, sharing and passing on Christmas traditions. Marigold's mother has ensured that the customs that she shared with her daughter are preserved and knows that the decorations will bring back many happy memories. Marigold too, is a kind and loving person who makes sure that Marvin is not left alone during the festive season.
The illustrations show a cute pair of mice and will be enjoyed by young children who will have the opportunity to look at the drawings of the decorations and talk about ones that are treasured in their own homes.
Pat Pledger

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