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Nov 02 2017

The adventures of egg box dragon by Richard Adams

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Ill. by Alex T. Smith. Hodder, 2017. ISBN 9781444938401
(Age: 5-8) Recommended. The illustrations in this are fantastic but the story is needlessly long and lacklustre. When young Emma makes a dragon out of egg boxes, the local gardener asserts, "That critter's got magic... put him to sleep under the moon and watch what happens". Emma heeds his advice and the next morning Egg Box Dragon is alive and causing mischief with his new fire-breathing ways. It is soon discovered, however, that Egg Box Dragon has a very helpful gift of being able to find lost items. When the Queen discovers the biggest diamond from her crown is missing she sends for Egg Box Dragon to come at once. After he recovers the diamond, he and Emma are given the royal treatment and driven home.
The illustrations have a retro 1960s feel (judging by the clothing and cars) and are ever so intricate. The characters have exaggerated features to add interest (big hair, big glasses, tall hats, etc.) and the pictures are funny, lively and fascinating. The narrative though, comes to a bit of a flat and abrupt end and the whole story is a bit dull and uninspired. It is a shame because the concept is interesting, the character of Egg Box Dragon is amusing and the illustrations are incredibly good. Unfortunately, the book has not come together as a whole.
Nicole Nelson

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