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Oct 27 2017

500 minutes of danger by Jack Heath

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Scholastic, 2017. ISBN 9781743816493
(Age: 11+) Themes: Adventure, Danger, Science Fiction, Survival. This action-packed book initially starts as a collection of short stories all with an extreme adventure plot. But then it slowly connects all of the 10 stories involving 10 intrepid teens in situations of extreme danger into an ambitious disaster story involving a scenario of epic proportions. Adrenalin rushes are extreme for the protagonists and the reader, but the author's aim of limiting the time action to just a 50 minute window for each character, to create a total of 500 minutes of danger is extremely inventive. It does also mean that the reader gets a chance to breathe between chapters! I loved the tension in this book, and the clarity that nothing could ever last longer than 50 minutes was also exhilarating.
500 Minutes of Danger will definitely appeal to readers aged 11+ who love an adrenalin rush. The teen characters are able to use their understanding of science and technology to solve problems under pressure, so this will also appeal to those who enjoy investigating the practical implications of their science learning. Now I wish I had discovered this series sooner!
Carolyn Hull

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