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Oct 23 2017

Fox and Moonbeam by Aleesah Darlison and Narelda Joy

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Wombat Books, 2017. ISBN 9781925563009
(Age: 3-10) Fox and; Moonbeam by Aleesha Darlison is a whimsical story about an unlikely friendship between Gerald Fox, the clock winder and Moonbeam Lapin a dancer. It is set in Victorian England and starts with tale of a seemingly depressed and lonely Fox who lives in a world of darkness and shadows. We then meet Mademoiselle Moonbeam Lapin whose life is quite the opposite with bright lights and glamour. When the two meet in the Queen's castle, where Fox works and Moonbeam is performing they find that they enjoy spending time together.
The undercurrent of this book is that of pursuing passions; such as Fox's love of the violin, and doing the things we love; just like Moonbeam and her dancing. I also like that the story shows that Fox had to gain the courage to follow his love of playing the violin, which I think is something that resonates with many young people today.
This book has many facets that could be pinpointed as conversation starters in both large groups and on a one to one basis. Topics such as lack of self-esteem, loneliness, finding your passion, careers of the Victorian era and courage are all things that could be pulled apart and discussed using this story as a backdrop. It is also lovely on its own, as a bedtime story or quiet time activity.
The illustrations by Narelda Joy are very extravagant, and add the magical feeling of the story. My 3 year old particularly loved the depictions of Moonbeam as she is often surrounded by stars and or colours.
An enjoyable book for children up to ages 10.
Lauren Fountain

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