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Oct 20 2017

My dog gets a job by Elizabeth Fensham

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University of Queensland Press, 2017. ISBN 9780702259593
(Age: 7+) Recommended. I recommend this book to 7+ readers and pet lovers of any age.
What is a nine year old boy to do when his dog is constantly getting into trouble? Eric is in just that situation, his dog Ugly is always getting himself into trouble. For example, what is a dog supposed to do when a fresh roast chicken is left on the bench to cool . . .
Eric finds himself faced with the difficult task of finding a job, that will keep Ugly busy and stop them both from getting into trouble.With the help of his friends they come up with a list of suggested jobs that Ugly can do, some possible some not so. Eric is determined to keep trying until he is able to find Ugly a job that will make life better for both of them.
There are some hilarious situations as Ugly has a go at a number of different jobs until he finally finds the one that is right for him. Through the book Eric learns the importance of accepting people even if they are a bit different.
Karen Colliver

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