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Oct 19 2017

A dog with nice ears by Lauren Child

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Hachette, 2017. ISBN 9781408346136
(Age: 5+) Highly recommended. Dogs. Pets. Family. Lola wants a dog, but her parents are adamant that she will not have one. This very familiar scene, played out in many homes, is given an uproaringly funny outing in this new book by Lauren Child, featuring her loved characters, Charlie and Lola. Sometimes Lola pretends to be a dog, lying in a basket on the floor, sometimes she pretends her big brother is a dog and pats him while he is on the ground. She uses the age old excuse of her best friend having a dog, but all to no avail. Meanwhile the siblings discuss what sort of dog Lola wants and what attributes a dog has that would make it so very welcome. They talk about swishy tails, and barking and whether dogs need glasses, sniffing dogs, wriggly dogs and dogs with fleas. Lola's dad says he will take her to the pet shop on Saturday and she is convinced that she is going to get a dog, and even has a name ready for him.
All through the two discuss what a dog needs, what a dog does in the family, how dogs behave and how people behave towards them, giving information to the reader, as well as bringing up points of discussion for a class or group or at home.
Child's zany illustrations follow the story, giving life to the two and showing a range of dogs and their behaviour for the reader to better understand the responsibilities involved in owning a dog or pet. The background on many pages gives the idea of collage which readers may like to emulate in their art classes, while the design of each page offers a different look, inviting readers to take a closer look at how the page is put together, and the differing fonts used to emphasise what the pair are saying adds interest and variety to the story. This will be eagerly sought after in the library.
Fran Knight

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