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Sep 28 2017

Trouble and the exploding house by Cate Whittle

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Ill. by Stephen Michael King. Scholastic, 2017. ISBN 9781742990798
(Age: 6 - 8) Recommended. Dragons. Trouble and the exploding house concludes the amusing series about young Georgia, her family and their pet dragon, Trouble, who certainly lives up to his name. Each story introduces a big problem that Georgia faces head on and with courage, creativity and determination she sets out to solve it. Georgia and her family now live in their house on top of a mountain, thanks to Trouble's helpful ways. Unfortunately, the Man from the Government arrives after a difficult climb and informs the family about an issue. They now live in a wildlife park and have only two weeks to move before their home is blown up. It is up to Georgia to find a way to convince the officials that their house belongs up on the mountaintop and Trouble deserves to life in his roomy carpeted cave nearby. When the man from the Government returns with the Demolition Expert, everyone panics, Dad tries to appeal the decision but unfortunately, he is too late.
Bold Georgia decides to take action; she remembers last term's Science lessons about animals and their unique habitats and formulates a plan. With her family living in a tent in their old backyard, she begins a Save the Dragon Campaign. Her friends, family, school community and local townspeople rally behind her, signing petitions, making banners and a quilt. The media reports on the family's problems and Trouble the Dragon is filmed flying around his natural habitat, the mountain.
With wonderful and funny illustrations by Stephen Michael King and easy-to-read text, Trouble and the exploding house is just right for junior readers. Author Cate Whittle provides a recap at the beginning of each book so they can be read individually, or in order. Georgia is a brave and likeable protagonist and Trouble is an endearing but bothersome sidekick. She delights the reader with engaging dragon antics, plenty of picnics with potato chips and fizzy sarsaparilla and surrounds Georgia with her supportive friends and family.
Rhyllis Bignell

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