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Sep 28 2017

Secrets in death by J.D. Robb

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In death series, book 45. Little, Brown, 2017. ISBN 9780349415789
(Age: Adult) Recommended. Mystery. It is amazing how J.D. Robb manages to come up with new plots and twists even after 44 previous books. Secrets in death is just as compulsive as the previous books and leaves the reader wanting more of the fabulous couple, Eve Dallas and Roarke.
This time, the plot centres on the murder of Larinda Mars, who bled out in front of Dallas while she was in a fashionable bar. As the investigation gets underway, it becomes apparent that Mars not only traded in gossip for her show, but traded in blackmail on the side. With so many suspects to choose from, Dallas and her team have a busy time trying to uncover the secrets that Mars carried with her, not just about the people on her list but about the reasons that her face had been virtually reconstructed. And for readers, there is a secret close to home that is finally revealed.
The success of this series is a tribute to J.D.Robb's ability to write a tight, interesting murder story, this time concentrating on how the team do the investigation. I was left wishing that the story hadn't finished. Fans will not be disappointed.
Pat Pledger

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