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Oct 22 2009

Snowy's Christmas by Sally Murphy and David Murphy

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Random House Australia, 2009. ISBN 9781741664409.
(Age 4-6) Snowy has a soft white coat, which is very different to all the other roos who are brown and rugged. He bounces high, his ears skimming the trees while the other roos leap long and low. He feels left out, but his mother assures him that he is special. When Ash, a huge white kangaroo, finds him and tells him he is perfect for a job, he follows him on the adventure of his life.
In her captivating story with an Australian setting, Sally Murphy has managed to capture the spirit and fun of Christmas, while exploring the theme of fitting in and finding your own niche in life.
David Murphy's illustrations are bold with the vivid browns and oranges and bright blue sky of the Australian landscape. I particularly liked the roos and reindeer who have such cute faces, each different and unique. Santa in his bush hat is a delight and the Christmas decorations scattered around in unlikely places are fun to find.
The theme of an Australian Christmas is sure to appeal to young children who will love to see the white roos pulling Santa's sled. A good read aloud book, and one that the newly emerging reader will enjoy, this will enhance the library's collection of Christmas books.
Pat Pledger

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